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Bedhead begone! 3 reasons why you should sleep on a silk pillowcase

The fabric you sleep on can affect the health of your hair and skin.
Silk pillowcases are not just a luxury for princesses. The smooth, slippery surface can be beneficial whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach. Here are the three reasons why you should sleep on a silk pillowcase
1. Frizz-free and less damaged hair
According to experts, silk pillowcases are most beneficial for hair since their smooth surface reduces friction and, consequently, breakage.
Cotton sheets, for instance, can catch the cuticle layer of hair, which is bumpy and shingled. These layers are lifted and torn by friction, causing damage and aggravating existing damage. This friction is prevented by sleeping on silk, especially if you have curly hair and often toss and turn.

Silk pillowcases should always be used for curly hair. There are porosity issues with this type of hair because the cuticle sticks out where the wave pattern is the most prominent. 
A high pH hair product, such as chemicals straighteners, dyes, perms, or some shampoos, can swell the cuticle, causing it to act as a Velcro against a pillowcase. This is where a silk pillowcase would come in handy.

2. More Moisture Maintained
There is some evidence that when compared to typical cotton pillowcases, less moisture is absorbed with a silk pillowcase. These benefits are more pronounced for hair, especially curly and textured hair. 

Curly or natural hair doesn’t retain as much moisture as straight hair and is more prone to breakage. Cotton tends to absorb moisture, so it’ll sap what little moisture is in your hair overnight. 

3. Fewer Facial Wrinkles and Creases
Due to its slippery surface, silk is thought to reduce friction on the skin, thereby reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles and morning creases that are caused by sleeping on your side or face while other fabrics may not. Silk's smoother surface can reduce friction while sleeping. 

Should You Get a Silk Pillowcase?
It's not necessary to switch over if you have undamaged, straight, virgin hair and have had no problems with cotton pillowcases. Try a silk pillowcase if you have curly, damaged, or chemically treated hair. Regular changing and washing of your pillowcase is more important and required no matter which fabric you choose.