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Unlocking world-class authentic silk without the price tag, our vision is simple: To bring 90s chic to vanities across New Zealand. The crème de la crème of the textile realm, our adoration for silk knows no bounds, radiating pure opulence. The epitome of versatility, our silk accessories are designed to be head turners, from delicate scrunchies to deluxe headbands.

Elevating the feel of your wardrobe, our goal is to bring a touch of luxury to enthusiasts everywhere, capturing the true essence of silk. Sleek, elegant, and undeniably classic, each product is curated to last, crafted through gentle artisanship. Offering a high-end blend of durability and luxury, our accessories will become a day-to-day staple, from bouncy curls to luscious locks.

At LoveSilk, it’s no secret that we are on a mission to make luxury silk accessible, free of markups, compromises on quality, and low-grade polyester alternatives. To us, silk offers an unparalleled experience, from the luxe feel on the skin to the lustrous light-reflecting gleam, exuding the red carpet-ready feel without costing a pretty penny.

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Authentic Mulberry Silk
Pure, odourless and hypoallergenic.

The finest 22-Momme Silk
Unparalleled quality, always.

A contemporary twist on classic silk
Leading the fashion realm.

New Zealand’s premier choice for authentic silk. 

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