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Getting your skincare game to the next level: 6 essential tips

No matter what kind of skin you have, there are always ways to keep it looking great. Even though trends come and go, there are some skincare tips that never go out of style, and can seriously enhance your skin care regimen.
Below are 6 essential tips for improving your skincare routine, from a double-cleansing method that will leave your face perfectly clean to essential products like a sunscreen.  
1. Do a double cleanse
It is difficult to remove heavy cosmetics from the face with most gentle cleansers. This is where double cleansing comes into play. Melt makeup away with an oil-based product, then use a gentle, cream-based cleanser to remove any remaining dirt and oil. 
2. Sunscreen is a must, always
It is a clinically proven fact that sunscreen prevents aging and minimizes sun damage. It should be applied to your face, hands, arms, and any other parts of your body that are exposed to the sun every day. Even when you're indoors, your skin is exposed to a lot of light. 

3. Keep your skin moisturized
Do not skimp on moisturizer even if you think your skin is too oily. The skin produces more oil when you skip moisturizer. The market is now filled with oil-free moisturizers that don't clog pores or cause acne (search for "non-comedogenic" on the label). 
4. Makeup should be removed every night
Even though it's tempting to just collapse into bed at night, washing your face every night can make a huge difference in your skin. It isn't necessary to do a major routine every night if you don't wear makeup. Simply splashing warm water and applying a toner may suffice. 
5. Stay hydrated
Keeping your skin hydrated is one of the best things you can do. Skin is kept moisturized and supple, and cuticles are prevented from becoming dry and flaky. 

6. Silk pillowcases are a great investment
Although silk pillowcases are expensive, they can reduce friction on your skin while you sleep. You can also prevent hair damage with them, so they are well worth your money.