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Mulberry Silk: The Ultimate Beauty Investment

audrey hepburn sleeps in silk bedding tiffany's breakfast

The start of exquisite life probably dates back to "Tiffany's Breakfast" released in 1961. Audrey Hepburn sleeps in silk bedding every night. A pair of silk sleep masks provide a good night's sleep and make you wake up beautifully every day.

Think about this. You spend thousands of dollars on eye cream but still sleep on a cotton pillowcase which sucks in all the eye & facial creams. Even the most expensive skincare products will not work.

Lovesilk Limited Auckland Silk Pillowcase

Because of silk's unique properties, the composition and water content of the silk pillowcase is particularly close to the human skin, which can bring direct care to the skin and hair.

1. The silk contains a purely natural skincare protein, which helps lock in the skin's moisture. Especially after the evening skincare, the silk pillowcases can play a very good moisturizing effect.

2. The silky touch of the silk pillowcase will not squeeze the facial skin, thus reducing the cause fine lines.

3. Lying on the silk all night, the water content can make the hair fluffy and smooth the next day, not messy at all.

silk pillowcase nz silk sleep mask

One-third of a person's life is sleeping. The skin is squeezed and rubbed on the pillowcase for many years. This is part of the cause of wrinkles. A silk pillowcase not only brings us a comfortable sleep but also relieves wrinkles, moisturizes the skin, and nourishes the hair.

Everyone who has used silk pillowcases will have the same feeling: healing, stability, and good dreams. You feel the difference waking up on a silk pillowcase every morning.

There are 12 grades in the silk material standard, and LOVESILK silk pillowcases are the best grade-6A grade. Its unique softness does not oppress the skin, has good air permeability, and can keep the skin moist, making the skin moisturized. In addition, our pillowcase will not leave sleep marks on the face even if you lie on your side all night.

Sleep quality is the source of good energy for a vigorous day. It affects all aspects of our life such as appearance, appetite, and memory. In order to sleep well, you need to invest in good pillowcases.