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Does Silk Clothing Feel Cold In The Winter?

Silk is one of the warmest natural fibers. The warmth and thickness ratio of silk is incredible. The thin and light silk fabric can keep you warm when it is close to your skin. This is why silk is the material of choice for thermal insulation clothing, especially for underwear.

Silk is a thin and compact fabric. Even under the tightest clothing (such as tight jeans and leggings), you can wear warm clothing made of silk. This makes silk apparel an ideal choice for warm winter clothing. Another benefit is that silk clothing is also very suitable for travel because it hardly takes up any space or weight in the suitcase.

To explain why silk can keep your body warm, we need to take a closer look at its structure. Silk is a natural protein fiber derived from silkworm cocoons. Silkworms use a single silk thread to spin cocoons up to 1.6 kilometers long. Humans (or machines) untie these cocoons during the silk production process. When making real silk, the raw silk fiber also undergoes a process called "degumming", which makes the silk thread smoother and softer. The end result is a very smooth and long thread. Unlike wool, there is no fluff on silk fibers.

Due to this smoothness, the threads can be woven very tightly. In tight weaving, each silk weave is very close to the next. The tighter the weave, the more insulating the fabric. Tightly woven silk clothes help spread natural body heat near the skin. The tight weaving of the silk fabric and the combination of its natural characteristics form a very heat-insulating fabric that can keep you warm in winter.