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Embracing Innovation: Why LoveSilk Chooses to Shine Online and doesn't have a Auckland outlet?

Welcome to LoveSilk, where we embrace the future of retail with open arms and a commitment to excellence. As a proud Auckland-based company operating from our Onehunga warehouse, we've made a strategic decision not to open physical stores in New Zealand. Our philosophy is simple: stay lean, stay online, and deliver unparalleled quality directly to you.

By focusing exclusively on our online store, LoveSilk ensures that every Kiwi has access to our premium mulberry silk products—from luxurious silk pillowcases to soothing silk face masks—without the overhead costs of physical stores. This approach not only helps us keep our operations streamlined but also allows us to invest more in the quality and craftsmanship of our products.

We want to remind our customers that while we do not offer in-store shopping experiences, our online platform is designed to provide you with the best possible service and product selection.

Our commitment to convenience is underscored by our reliable overnight courier service, ensuring most parts of New Zealand receive their packages within 1-2 days, with rural areas requiring just a bit more patience.

Thank you for choosing LoveSilk. We're excited to continue providing you with the best silk products that New Zealand has to offer, ensuring each item enhances your daily routine with a touch of luxury and comfort.

Stay silky, New Zealand!