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Here are three tips for better hair care

Whether it's cold winds, woolly beanies, scratchy blankets or indoor heating, all of it is causing havoc on our hair follicles. The next season is just around the corner, but we can get a head start by preparing for it now.  Check out her top three hair care tips when you're putting together your spring cleaning list as you emerge from hibernation. 

Make sure you invest in silk pillowcases 
Split ends can be caused by cotton pillowcases that snag and tear your hair while you toss and turn at night. It causes hair to lose moisture and become dehydrated, resulting in frizz. No matter how rough your sleep is, silk pillowcases ensure your strands glide smoothly. Furthermore, it keeps your locks hydrated by retaining moisture.  

Dry shampoo 
Many people don't know that dry shampoo should be used before their hair gets oily. Once you've washed and blown-dried your hair, apply dry shampoo to your roots. Dry shampoo should be used daily before washing your hair again - you will be surprised by the volume and bounce your hair will have

Root lift 
After washing your hair, use an antigravity spray and a hair oil. The first step is to blow dry your hair upside down. As soon as your hair is dry, blow cool air through it to make it feel cool to the touch. The style will be set in place and your roots will be lifted immediately.