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How to measure your head for the right size silk bonnet

Measure your head along the hairline from your forehead to ears and nape of the neck. You can include or exclude the ears depending on your personal preference. 

How to choose the right silk bonnet size for your head

LoveSilk bonnets come in three sizes - Small to Medium, Medium, Medium to Large. There is elastic at the back (or around the mouth)  of the bonnet, making it fit for various head sizes. 

The medium measures about 52cm relaxed and can stretch up to 56cm. This size works on most heads with a measurement of 52cm to 56cm

The medium large bonnet measures 56cm relaxed and can stretch up to 60cm and fits most heads from 56cm to 62cm.

The Medium to Small bonnet measures 48cm relaxed and can stretch up to 52cm and fits most heads from 48cm to 62cm. 

The exceptions for the above measurements

If you have very long (below bra strap) and super thick hair OR hairstyles like box braids, dreadlocks, etc., we recommend going for the large even for head sizes less than 56 CMS. This allows more room for your hair. 

We always recommend measuring your head before making the purchase.