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How to use a silk exfoliating mitt glove kese NZ 2022


How to exfoliate with Turkish Silk Bath Mitts / Gloves / Keses

1. Before the first use, wash it with hot water and soap by hand and rinse well. Use an exfoliating glove (mitt) after you take a shower or bath. Draw yourself a bath if you have time, but a shower will do if you're pressed for time. Since your skin will be softer and more receptive after a bath/shower or after swimming, the exfoliating mitt will be most effective if you stay in the bath or shower for 10-15 minutes.

2. It is best to apply the exfoliating glove on its own after rinsing off soap or other bath products.

3. Wet and wring your mitt. Gently apply it in long strokes.

a) Try the glove on your arms and legs to get an idea of how it feels. The exfoliating glove should be applied gently at first, and all areas should be treated evenly.

b) To prevent irritation, don't apply it to the same area repeatedly. Especially your back, which may feel less sensitive. Gradually raise the pressure over time. Apply light pressure the first few times. Face mitts should be applied very gently.     

c) After your bath and a day after using your glove, if you feel comfortable with it, increase the pressure a bit the next time. It's best not to apply too much pressure the first day, as these gloves are much more effective than alternative products.

4. In some stages, you may start noticing some light brown or grey dead skin that is coming off your skin. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs most often in skin that has been exposed to the sun or is dry. Do not wash off this dead skin until you have finished exfoliating a section of your body since this will help you to remove more dead skin. At first, be gentle with the mitt and try to learn how it works and how it reacts with your skin.

5.  Skin gets a little pink after use, but overuse of the same area can cause irritation. Discontinue use if you experience discomfort. It indicates too much pressure has been applied.

6.  Rinse your body with lukewarm water to close your deeply cleansed pores.

7.  Feel how soft and smooth your skin is and how clean and fresh you are!!!

How to care for your exfoliating gloves

  • Wash it well with hot water and soap before using it for the first time. A little shrinkage is to be expected.
  • The mitt should be washed with soap by hand and allowed to dry naturally after use. Change your bath mitt as needed. 


  • Use it only if you don't have any skin conditions, sensitive skin, or on unhealthy skin. Don't apply it to your face if you have acne. Talk to your doctor first. Consult your doctor if you have any other health problems that may get worse with sauna/steam or hot bath/shower use. Use of the glove will increase blood circulation, and it requires some effort in a hot environment.
  • If you have sensitive skin use a Turkish bath mitt made of cocoon silk for your face and body. Apply light pressure. For your face, you can also use the face (finger) mitts. Be very gentle. 
  • Do not use the same exfoliating glove on your face and body for hygiene reasons, and don't share your exfoliating glove with anyone in your family.
  • Silk mitts are suitable for healthy adults with healthy skin. Don’t use it on babies, toddlers or children.
  • Don’t exceed the recommended frequency of use which is approximately once every 10-30  days. 
  • Stop using it or apply less pressure if it hurts.

We hope you enjoy your mitt. Everyone deserves a little luxury in the bath!