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If you're over 50 and want to slow down the aging process, sleep with silk pillowcase

Your skin can experience some drastic changes when you're over 50. With aging, your skin changes. Crow's feet, age spots, and wrinkles become concerns. You probably have to alter your skincare routine as well. Maybe every product you own now contains anti-aging properties. There is another option that can help you regain your youth. Read on to discover the item that you should sleep with to prevent aging if you're over 50.

As we age, our bodies gradually stop producing as much collagen as before, causing us to lose our skin's elasticity. When a woman reaches her fifties, hormonal changes and menopause often result in new wrinkles appearing and significantly thinned skin.  When we age, we usually develop wrinkles, sagging or thin skin, or liver spots (flat, dark spots on our skin). Some people who took care of their skin when they were young may have fewer wrinkles and pigmentation spots later in life. Despite how much your skin has matured, there is a way to combat it that you might not have considered.

Beyond the anti-aging products you use every day, like serums and lotions, there's something else that could be vital to keeping your skin youthful: a silk pillowcase. Silk does not cause fine lines and wrinkles or aggravate allergies, which can cause skin irritation and puffy eyes. Silk does not absorb moisture like cotton does. In fact, it can actually help your skincare products continue to work overnight by preserving the skin's barrier

Silk pillowcases are not only good for your skin, but also for your hair. "The benefits of a silk pillowcase are particularly pronounced for hair," says the Washington Post. "The silk helps retain moisture from products and natural oils and reduces friction that could cause tangles and breakage." 

Every day smooth skin and silky hair? Yes, please.