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LoveSilk Introduces "Woodland Escape" Silk Slip by Designer Maggie Lam

[Auckland, December 2021] – LoveSilk NZ is proud to launch the "Woodland Escape" silk slip, a new and exclusive addition to our collection, crafted by the talented Auckland-based designer, Maggie Lam. This elegant garment is a celebration of New Zealand’s natural beauty, inspired by the lush landscapes of Cornwall Park and the iconic One Tree Hill.

A Seamless Blend of Style and Nature

The "Woodland Escape" silk slip is a testament to refined aesthetics and practical design, offering a perfect mix of effortlessness and radiance. Its intricate detailing and contrasting tones are designed to provide stunning silhouettes for any occasion, year-round. Made from skin-nurturing mulberry silk, this slip represents the pinnacle of comfort and quality, making it an essential piece for any wardrobe.

Inspired by Auckland’s Natural Splendor

Drawing inspiration directly from the verdant expanses of Cornwall Park, Maggie Lam has infused this slip with the colors and calm of New Zealand’s cherished landscapes. The pattern features an enchanting blend of earth and sky, with motifs of butterflies, lambs, and native trees like Kowhai and Manuka under a canopy represented by majestic Magnolia and Oak trees. Strong blue tones interspersed with the soft glow of the southern cross constellation evoke a sense of home, or Aotearoa, meaning the land of the long white cloud.

Versatility in Wear

"Woodland Escape" is as versatile as it is beautiful. It can be paired effortlessly with sandals for a casual, sun-drenched outing or with barely-there heels for an evening of subtle sophistication. This piece is not just a garment; it's an expression of understated elegance that fits seamlessly into any setting.

Maggie Lam

About the Designer

Maggie Lam is renowned for her passion for surface design and her commitment to slow fashion and supporting New Zealand businesses. Her designs often feature hand-drawn motifs that celebrate the natural world, combining her love for textiles with a profound artistic vision.


The "Woodland Escape" silk slip is now available exclusively through LoveSilk NZ. This piece not only adds a pop of color to your wardrobe but also brings the tranquil beauty of New Zealand’s woodlands to your everyday life.