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Say Farewell To Greasy Hair Days. Tips to Prevent Your Hair Getting Greasy

We try all sorts of things to keep our hair grease-free. Switching shampoo & conditioners, refraining from brushing, or anything short of sticking our head in the washing machine to make sure our hair is looking clean. 

There is nothing unhealthy about having greasy hair. But we all want hair that shines and glows. Luckily we have the answer to finally let you say farewell to greasy hair days. 

When you wash your hair, be smart.

When you wash your hair, be smart about it! Make sure when you're shampooing to only use sulfate-free shampoo. That's the element that makes your shampoo thick and creamy with lather and sticks to your scalp. For shampoo, you can go for the clarifying ones (like Moroccanoil) to really give your hair a good, deep clean.

Be smart about conditioning.

Make sure to only condition your ends, that's what needs all the help anyway. Oily scalps don't need any extra help conditioning. It will only make things worse.

Sleep on or in Silk

Swapping your cotton slip for a silk pillowcase. It has impressive beauty benefits, including keeping your 'do fresh. As the expert explains, silk controls sebum production, the oily secretion we know as grease. This is because its fibres are less absorbent than cotton, so it doesn't suck in the scalp's natural oils. When oils are absorbed, the scalp ends up producing more to replenish itself, giving a build-up of grease.

You could also wear a silk bonnet nightly. It cocoons hair to encourage your natural oils to be spread evenly along your entire hair shaft, balancing greasy roots and dry tips. Oils are no longer concentrated at the roots, so you have far fewer greasy hair days!

All the hair goes up 

Sleeping with your hair up can be one of the greatest lifesaving tools you can deploy in your war against greasy hair. This is because oil from the roots cannot get through to the rest of the strands when your hair is tied up. 

To sleep with your hair up, simply use mini silk hair scrunchies to tie hair into a super loose knot (so that you do not damage your edges). 

Do you have any other tips for helping with oily hair? We'd love to hear!