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Silk Curling Ribbons Will Make You Want to Breakup With Your Hot Tools

If you've ever tried to make smooth, bouncy curls yourself at home but ended up sweating profusely and a bunch of messy strands.

Sound familiar? Then you may be ready to wave the white flag. But don't give up because TikTok has already provided you with a solution. Yes, you read that right. Tik Tok is the home to a genius heatless hair hack that allows you to achieve voluminous curls overnight.

A curling ribbon is essentially a silk-covered cotton rod. You can use it to wrap your wet hair and put it on to sleep. Its main attraction is that it can provide elastic, beautiful curls without destroying your hair with heat. (A hot curling iron can go up to 200°C and burn the cuticle of the hair and cause damage.) Over time and regular heating and styling, your hair will begin to appear broken, frizzy and dull.)

As shown by millions of TikTok videos tagged with #curlingribbon, this hair care tool is very easy to use. First, place the flexirod on top of your head in a U shape, just like wearing a headband, and then fix it with claws. Then, section out your damp hair, wrapping pieces around the curling ribbon and away from your face; add more sections as you go. Once all of your hair is completely wrapped, tie the scrunchies at the ends of the rods to ensure your strands stay put.  

If the time is not enough, the curls will set in three hours. However, most curly ribbon content on social media shows that users spend the night with them for best results. You will untie the strap and clip in the morning, pull the rod out, and then, bam, salon-quality curls.

Arguably the best part of the curling ribbon is that you can customize the appearance of curls. Depending on how tightly you wrap your hair or whether your hair is damp or dry, you will get different results. For tighter coils, be sure to tightly wrap slightly wet hair around the rod. Whereas for beachy, lived-in waves, loosely wrap dry hair around the ribbon.

All in all, curling bands are a damage-free way to get beautiful curls-without having to spend too much on heating tools or blowing in the salon. This is a TikTok trend that might actually be worth keeping in your arsenal of beauty tricks.