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Silk Pillowcases: Are They Worth It? Get a great night's sleep with the LoveSilk Pillowcases

Your home could be decorated with gold accents, leather armchairs, and cashmere sweaters if you love luxurious items. Maybe you also have silk bedding on your bed. A number of factors contribute to silk's prestige, including its high manufacturing cost. What is the main reason? It is very expensive to make a small amount of silk fabric because silkworms spin it. Farming, weaving, bleaching, and coloring all take a long time and involve several steps. Added to its highly sought-after reputation and hefty price tag, many praise its softness, silkiness, and glamorous appearance.

Maybe the price tag of silk pillowcases has left you wondering whether they are better than cotton ones. Read on to discover the pros and cons of silk pillowcases, and then find out if they're worth the hype.

The pros and cons

Silk pillowcases are recommended by dermatologists for a variety of reasons. It has been claimed that they can create smoother hair and skin. Your skin will remain moisturized all night with these coverings since they absorb less moisture than cotton. In addition to being non-irritating and antimicrobial, silk is also beneficial for those with sensitive skin and acne. Additionally, the smooth surface reduces hair tangles, resulting in less frizz and breakage. Since silk regulates temperature, it feels cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Additionally, it reduces wrinkles and sleep lines while protecting brows and lashes.

However, silk pillowcases also have some notable cons. Polyester and satin are sometimes mislabeled as silk. Additionally, this textile must be washed alone on a gentle cycle with cold water and hung to dry. Furthermore, if placed in the sun, silk can fade.

Although silk pillowcases have their cons, most agree that they are worth the hype. These pillowcases are perfect for people who wish to improve their skin and hair while feeling luxurious. A silk product is especially beneficial for people with allergies, dry skin, sensitive skin, and textured hair. However, good quality is what makes them worth the hype.  A higher momme weight indicates more silk was used during the weaving process, so the higher the momme weight, the better. 

Choosing a silk pillowcase based on the momme weight is a good rule of thumb. Anything super low is less durable and more likely to tear.

Luxurious pillowcases make great holiday gifts without breaking the bank

Silk pillowcases can transform your sleep, but they can also be pretty expensive. Those looking for a pillowcase that won't break the bank will appreciate the LoveSilk Pillowcase.

Why it's a great gift: Silk pillowcases are gentle on the hair and skin and they don't get hot during the night, which is a huge plus. The ivory shade is quite popular, but this silk pillowcase comes in lots of other fun colours.

What you'll pay: There are silk pillowcases cost as much as $110, but these ones from LoveSilk are $74.99 each for the standard/queen size and $89.99 each for the king size. And LoveSilk offers discounts when you buy these pillowcases for the first time.