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The best silk haircare products for taming monsoon frizz in NZ

Are you feeling cray-cray with frizz? Monsoons are known for their excessive humidity, which results in frizzy hair. This is not a look you want to sport unless you think you're starring in your own sitcom!

The most effective way to combat frizz is first to understand what it is in the first place: Frizz occurs when dry and/or damaged hair seeks moisture from the surrounding air, which is why it sticks out more than usual. Locking in moisture inside the hair shaft can greatly reduce frizz pain.

It doesn't make sense to have frizzy hair while we're already dealing with cloudy grey skies hovering over our heads! Let's take a look at some silk products that can help with this.

Silk Pillowcases

The benefits of silk pillowcases for frizzy hair are now widely known. The smooth texture of silk prevents friction and static electricity from forming between your hair and the fabric, so you wake up with smoother, less tangled hair. Our pillowcases are made of premium pure mulberry silk, which reduces frizz. A variety of elegant colors are available, including white, champagne, gray, and black.

Silk Scrunchies

The benefits of silk scrunchies are extensive, and they are hair kryptonite. Due to its natural smoothness and soft texture, silk prevents frizziness and reduces thinning, while preventing knotting, breakages, and split ends. In contrast, elastic hair ties can cause a lot of tension on the hair, leading to splits and breakage down the hair shaft over time.

Your hairstyle will also last longer if you use silk. A blow-dry can last two days with the natural properties and anti-static qualities of silk, reducing the need to restyle in the morning and preventing any additional heat damage. You will also be able to minimize kinks in your hair when you remove a ponytail using silk hair ties.

When you want your hair to look shiny, fresh, and cute day and night, silk is the perfect alternative.

Silk Bonnet

Tossing and turning at night can cause your hair to get tangled easily. If your hair is finer and straight, gently brush it to remove knots and twist it at the top of your head before covering it with a bonnet. If your hair has a curlier, kinkier texture, don't brush it, but rather softly tuck it in your bonnet. Using a bonnet or silk pillowcase will prevent new tangles from forming, making it easier to manage your hair in the morning.

In addition to preventing friction while sleeping, a bonnet also reduces the amount of frizz you wake up in the morning. Protecting your hair relieves stress and prevents split ends.

In spite of how much we love those high thread count cotton sheets, they can cause our hair to become dry by absorbing moisture. Furthermore, using a bonnet or silk pillowcase while you sleep will prevent breakage by retaining moisture after shampooing.