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Those hair bonnets are so cute. I'd wear them outside even

You may have heard or encountered hair bonnets if you have naturally kinky or coily hair. Bonnets, made from silk, protect your hair from overnight snags and tangles caused by cotton pillowcases.

Usually, you'd wake up in the morning with your silk hair bonnet or sleep cap on, greet the day with a smile, and then take it off so your tendrils can radiate.

Our hair bonnets, scarves, and sleep caps may become constant companions now that many of us stay at home most of the time and social distancing measures are in effect. While black satin hair bonnets are serviceable, they may not look great during WFH Zoom calls. In addition, even if video calls aren't your concern, we could all use a little brightness and cheer, and a colorful bonnet might just do the trick. Here are some really cute satin and silk hair bonnets (and other headwear) that will protect your hair and make you look good.


A silks bonnet like this makes a statement! You can protect your coils with this pink bonnet and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror every now and then to boost your mood.


The silk knot bonnet has all the perks of your favorite head scarf, but it's stylish enough to be caught on camera wearing it.


The silk-lined cap does not necessarily qualify as a bonnet, but it does make a great "I didn't do my hair this morning" option. I don't know if this can work in your weekly staff meeting, but it might be worth a try.


Even though pink is "a choice," this vibrant bonnet is reversible, which means you can choose a tame color on the other side if you're worried about it being too eye-catching.


There's nothing fancy about this turban, but the real winner is the elastic band that keeps it in place throughout the night.