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What are sleep wrinkles, how do we get them, and how can we keep them at bay?

It is estimated that the average person's head weighs around 5kg. It is more than likely that your facial appearance will be affected by that level of weight smashed into a cotton pillowcase.

Our faces can get wrinkled while sleeping on our sides and laying into a pillow.
When you wake up from a night's sleep, do you find you have lines and creases from the previous night's slumber? Experts have revealed that sleeping is the third most common cause of aging appearances!

Don't worry! To avoid and reduce sleep lines, skin experts have shared their six top tips.

1. Sleep with a mask on

Sleeping with a silk mask protects your skin. In addition to reducing sleep lines, they also reduce the risk of your skin creasing while you lie on them.

2. Avoid sleeping face down!

As a result of sleeping face down regularly, wrinkles can develop over time.
The harsh pressure that bedsheets and pillows apply to delicate facial skin increases the risk of sleep lines. Try sleeping on your back instead of your stomach, even though it may be difficult to readapt sleeping positions.

3. It is important to get a good night's sleep.

The term ‘beauty sleep’ is no joke. The quality of our sleep can have a huge effect on our skin’s appearance. The reason we sleep is so to allow our bodies to recharge, allowing our skin to rejuvenate and heal itself. If you’re skimping on your sleep, the chances are your skin will feel the rath of this.

4. Invest in a new silk pillowcase

Our skin tends to stick to cosy, flannel pillowcases, often being the main cause for sleep lines. Purchasing a silk pillowcase, could be said to be the best avenue to a wrinkle free slumber. A reduced amount of friction between your face and your bedsheets, could mean you are less likely to be faced with permanent sleep wrinkles.

5. And finally… SPF

In this day and age, we all know the benefits of applying SPF to our skin daily.
But if you think you may struggle with changing your habitual sleeping position or don’t like the idea of a silk pillowcase- let this, be your reminder that the best way to prevent wrinkles day-to-day is wearing a strong SPF.