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Why silk-lined beanies can prevent curls and high porosity hairs from drying out in winter

Often called 'slaps,' silk-lined hats absorb less moisture, so they're best for people with curly, coily, kinky, chemically-treated, or porous hair. On the other hand, cotton or wool hats and beanies can dry out your hair by absorbing moisture.

When cotton pads come in contact with water, even mist, they absorb moisture almost instantly. They continue to absorb moisture until they are full. Those with curly, kinky, coily, or hair with high porosity, which lose moisture easily, suffer from frizz or breakage more frequently.

Cotton garments or cotton fabric can typically hold 27 times its weight in water. Conversely, silk can only carry about 10% of its weight. Therefore, it tends to cause less frizz.

Typically made from silkworms, silk is naturally hypoallergenic, which makes it an excellent choice for acne sufferers, those with sensitive skin, or anyone with allergies. Satin, while cheap, does not have the same benefits. If you have sensitive skin or suffer from scalp or hat-line acne on your forehead, silk is the way to go.

Keeping your hair moisturised is beneficial to everyone! Nonetheless, not everyone benefits equally since their hair needs different levels of moisture. Silk is the best product for hair that is curly, kinky, bleached, relaxed, chemically treated, or has a high porosity. 

Your hair's porosity describes how many pores it has, which allow moisture to enter and leave. This determines whether your hair loses moisture easily or has difficulty absorbing moisture.

Keeping moisture in your hair becomes even more important for people with porosity hair, and silk are the perfect aids. Silk is not just good for hair - pillowcases made from these materials are good for your skin, too.

Silk-lined beanies from Lovesilk are comfortable, protective, and versatile. We make our beanies stretchy so that no one needs to worry about not being able to fit their hair into them.  The cashmere shell will also keep you warm. You won't have to worry about frizzing or damaging your hair in this slap. These hats also feature a removable pompom, so they are easier to maintain and can be worn multiple ways.