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Your hair can be saved in five ways with silk. Here’s how.

There is no quick fix to beautiful luscious hair. Money spent on temporary keratin treatments isn't what I'm talking about. Come to think of it, however, the task is not impossible to achieve. 

Social media has recently been hyping silk scrunchies and scarves. From sponsored ads to influencers and celebrities, almost everyone is talking about the benefits of using silk for better hair health. There must be reasons behind it. Here is why.

A natural protein fibre, silk is one of the most luxurious materials. The material's smooth texture and glamorous look make it a favorite among fashionistas. Silk has endless benefits for your hair care routine, including less friction, locking in hydration, preventing breakage, and promoting hair’s natural movement. Discover the benefits of silk in your hair care routine below.

1. Silk Scrunchies

When you think of hair care, silk scrunchies are not what come to mind, but they can play a major role in maintaining your hair's health. Scrunchies made of silk hold hair gently, keeping them in place and looking fabulous at the same time. It is painful to take off a regular cotton scrunchie or hair tie because it damages the hair, leaving it tangled up or looking like a nest, and it doesn't look good either. Now is the time to switch from regular hair ties to silk scrunchies. It doesn't cost a fortune to get your hands on these silk ties.

2. Silk Hair Bonnets

For those of you who don't know what a hair bonnet is, let me explain. Sleeping bonnets are soft versions of caps. Your hair can be tucked into the bonnet and you can get a good night's sleep. If you want to make your hair goals less of a hassle, a silk hair bonnet is a good investment. They prevent your conditioning products from getting soaked into your pillowcase while forcing them to work harder. In addition, it will keep your hair intact if you just blow-dried it or styled it earlier in the day.

3. Silk Pillowcases

The smooth texture of silk helps your hair glide over the fabric without friction. Cotton, with its soft texture, is known for snagging hair and causing tangles, and for causing flyaways and frizz. Silk's inability to absorb moisture also helps keep your hair hydrated during the night. Conversely, cotton absorbs moisture, leaving your hair dry or giving you a flaky scalp.

4. Silk Hair Scarves

It has become fashionable to wear hair scarves lately, and silk is a fabric that radiates elegance, so why not combine the two? The scarves make such an impressive fashion statement during autumn and winter. Its temperature regulating properties will keep your hair safe in scorching heat. In addition to being hypoallergenic, silk is naturally resistant to dust and fungi. It will not irritate your skin while you look gorgeous and serve your beauty needs.
5. Silk Accessories and more…

With silk you can accessorize with more than scrunchies and scarves. Pick out silk headbands to channel your inner Blair Waldorf. If you want to curl your hair ditch the hot tongs and get yourself a heatless silk hair curling ribbon for bouncy curls.