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Why does silk products have a distinct odor?

Silk has a distinct odor due to the presence of sericin, a protein used by silkworms to bind silk threads together into cocoons. The more refined the silk, the less sericin it contains, but even the finest silk retains about 10%-15% of it. While some may mistake the odor for chemical additives, rest assured that our silk products have not come into contact with any harmful chemicals throughout their production. Sericin actually offers numerous health benefits, such as its anti-oxidant and UV-resistant properties.

When you first unpack a brand new product, the silk's odor can be strongest due to the confined space of the packaging. However, after being unpacked, the odor will typically dissipate within a short period of time, becoming barely noticeable. If you find the scent too strong, you can hang our products in an area with good air-circulation for a few days to help the odor disappear naturally. We advise against using strong cleaning agents like bleach, as they can damage the delicate silk fibers and affect the quality of our products.