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Giving Up Hot Hair Roller For Good. 7 Benefits of Using Heatless Silk Curling Ribbon

Hair that is curly and voluminous is always in style, but with the 80s comeback hitting the runways and the natural hair movement taking hold, curly hair is back in a big way. For those of us who are not endowed with Alanna Arrington-like curls, achieving perfectly curly hair can be difficult. You can always use either a regular curling iron or a hot roller. Despite this, there is a constant debate about whether heat rollers are good for your hair.

Don't worry, the LoveSilk team is here to help. Following an analysis of this issue, we have come up with the following recommendation. Check out the pros and cons of the Hot Hair Curler vs. the Heatless Silk Curler!

How do hot hair rollers work?

Hot hair rollers are hair rollers that are used to curl or straighten hair. The versatility of the rollers allows you to achieve distinct hairstyles. Most rollers have a diameter between 2.0cm and 4cm. A hot hair roller works by heating the hair, and then stretching and breaking each strand's hydrogen bonds. This can be remedied by moisturizing the hair.

What are the advantages of a hot hair roller?

The market is full of products that promise little to no damage to your hair. For this, you need to look for hot hair rollers made of the best materials. These are some of the advantages of hot hair rollers.

  1. It is better to use a hair roller than a curling iron because it is quicker to heat. You simply need to heat the rollers, place them in your hair, and allow them to absorb the heat.
  2. This is one of the most efficient methods of curling hair, taking about 15 minutes to complete.
  3. During the curling process, it has clips to prevent loose hair or falling.
  4. As compared to other curling devices, hot hair rollers are believed to dehydrate your hair less.

What are the disadvantages of a hot hair roller?

  1. Hot rollers are most likely going to damage your hair if you use them every day.
  2. Hair that has been exposed to heat for a long period of time becomes thin, dehydrated, and prone to falling out.
  3. Curling irons last longer than hot hair rollers. So, your curls might drop over the day.
  4. Hot hair rollers might not be as effective if you have long hair.
  5. Your scalp might get irritated and your hair might dry out.
  6. You need to use specific hair care products such as hydrating shampoos and hair masks in this routine. 
  7. It is true that a hot roller will achieve more defined curls, although you should always use it with care.

Giving Up Hot Hair Roller For Good. 7 Benefits of Using Heatless Silk Curling Ribbon

A good hair day can be hard to acquire, particularly when you don't have the time to curl every strand just to run errands or have a FaceTiming girls' night at home.

Perhaps that's why silk heatless styling has been all the rage in 2021, and it's not going anywhere in 2022. The idea of heatless styling arises from the desire to look like we aren't just rolled out of bed but actually have somewhere to go. It means using the least amount of effort to look presentable-and without damaging our hair with hot tools. Although you can't go wrong with braiding your hair before bed, there are nifty little gadgets that shoppers use to make their hair look like it just came from the salon, with curls and bounce.

The best part? Lazy girls tend to use heatless silk curler at night, since they are usually used while sleeping.

What is a heatless silk curling ribbon?

The Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon Kit is currently one of the most popular heatless styling hacks, according to Instagram and TikTok, where it has gone viral—and the results have been making us rethink our curling iron altogether. The only problem? The kits keep selling out. Again and again.

The product is basically a silk foam rod, which you wrap your hair around piece by piece as you add to it while it's damp. A few hours later, you have big, bouncy curls that rival anything a professional stylist can do—and that certainly beats our at-home approach. (Note that silk curling ribbons may affect hair differently depending on its length and texture.)

What are the advantages of a heatless silk curler? 7 benefits of heatless silk curling ribbion. 

  1. Curling hair without heat reduces hair damage. When you use excessive heat on your hair, it can hurt your locks, so heatless silk curls are a wonderful way to achieve the same effect without the heat damage.
  2. Hair loss caused by styling can be reduced with heatless silk curlers. The use of a hot tool can result in heat damage and snagging. If you style your hair, you may end up with a lot of stray strands.
  3. Split ends are no more. With heatless silk curling ribbon, split ends are no longer a problem!
  4. Your hair's natural sheen is preserved with heatless silk curlers. Using too much heat on hair can make it brittle and dull, making it difficult for the hair to retain its natural shine.
  5. You can save hours by doing heatless curls. You do need some time to get your hair to curl properly, but curling your hair overnight means you won't have to worry about it the next day!
  6. It is portable and does not require electricity. Our heatless hair curler can be used anytime, anywhere! It does not require electricity to curl your hair.
  7. Frizzes are reduced. Your hair is less likely to frizz thanks to silk's properties. With our 100% Mulberry silk curler and scrunchie, your hair will no longer be frizzy!

How to use the heatless silk hair curler?

  1. When your hair is 80% dry or sprayed damp, clip the curling ribbon to the top of your head and divide your hair into two sections.
  2. Wrap a small section of hair at the top of your head near your parting around the ribbon toward your face.
  3. As you wrap more hair around each time, work your way down the ribbon.
  4. Secure with a silk scrunchie and repeat on the other side.
  5. Results can be achieved within a couple of hours but for best results leave for 6-8 hours or overnight, ideally sleeping on a silk pillowcase or in a silk bonnet.
  6. Different looks can be achieved using different techniques - see our Instagram for videos.
  7. Customers rave about this heatless curling ribbon system online. Beautiful hair is one thing, but what about those curls? So if you're looking to get the best curls of your life without even a smidge of heat damage, now's the time.

Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon Kit

Get your hands on one today, these kits come complete with a 100% silk soft rod that helps to eliminate frizz and breakage, as well as two silk scrunchies, a hair clip.